Biology Concept Inventories and Assessments

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Topic specific concept inventories

Cell and Molecular Biology

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Experimental Design

  • Dasgupta, A. P., Anderson, T. R., & Pelaez, N. J. (2016). Development of the Neuron Assessment for Measuring Biology Students’ Use of Experimental Design Concepts and Representations. CBE-Life Sciences Education, 15(2), ar10.
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General Biology

  • Odom, A. L., & Barrow, L. H. (1995). Development and application of a two‐tier diagnostic test measuring college biology students' understanding of diffusion and osmosis after a course of instruction. Journal of Research in Science Teaching, 32(1), 45-61.
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Science Literacy Skills

  • Gormally, C., Brickman, P., & Lutz, M. (2012). Developing a Test of Scientific Literacy Skills (TOSLS): measuring undergraduates’ evaluation of scientific information and arguments. CBE-Life Sciences Education, 11(4), 364-377.

Scientific Process

  • Wilson, K. J., & Rigakos, B. (2016). Scientific Process Flowchart Assessment (SPFA): A Method for Evaluating Changes in Understanding and Visualization of the Scientific Process in a Multidisciplinary Student Population. CBE-Life Sciences Education, 15(4), ar63.

Statistical Reasoning

  • Deane, T., Nomme, K., Jeffery, E., Pollock, C., & Birol, G. (2016). Development of the Statistical Reasoning in Biology Concept Inventory (SRBCI). CBE-Life Sciences Education, 15(1), ar5.