Annual Membership Categories & Fees
  • Administrator/faculty/staff - $50
  • Part-time faculty/staff and post-docs-$35
  • Graduate students - $25
  • Undergraduates - $10
1. Register on-line
2. AFTER you have registered. please send check to address below.

% MP Wenderoth
Biology, Box 355320
University of Washington
Seattle, WA 98195

To join the SABER list-serve
either Join SABER .- register on-line.
or attend a National meeting

Membership Privileges (proposed)
Access to the following resources
1.An annotated directory of professionals (for students looking for mentors and committee members, and for faculty looking for collaborators or tenure package reviewers),
2. A current annotated bibliography of BER-related literature
3. Updated list of professional development opportunities.
4. Membership list of those who are willing to review papers, and evaluate programs.
5.Resources/best practices for writing letters of support; external evaluation; writing paper reviews; review of teaching; creating a teaching portfolio; creating a tenure dossier.
6. Membership in the cutting edge society to advance undergraduate biology education research.
7. Membership directory to encourage collaboration