Ph.D.and Master programs in Discipline Based (STEM) Education Research

BER Programs

* Research on undergraduate level teaching and learning.

Categories of departments:
1. Ph.D.-granting institution, Biology dept., with tenure-track BE* researchers (incl. “immigrants”), but no BER Ph.D. offered
Arizona State University- Sara Brownell
Brigham Young U. - Jamie Jensen
Emory U., Biology? – Bob DeHaan?
Evergreen State U., Clarissa Dirks
Michigan State U. – Diane Ebert-May, Tammy Long, John Merrill
San Diego State University - Kathy Williams
U. C. Irvine – Diane O’Dowd
U. C. Riverside – Susan Wechsler, Rich Cardullo, et al. (Ph.D. program planned?)
U. of Colorado, MCD Biology – Mike Klymkowsky, Bill Wood, Jenny Knight (Instructor track), et al.
U. of Georgia, Biology – Peggy Brickman, Norris Armstrong et al.
U. Delaware – Deb Allen?
U. Maine - Michelle Smith
U Mass Amherst - Randy Phillis
U. Minn., Biology – Robin Wright
Washington U. St. Louis – Sally Elgin
Yale U., Biol. – Jo Handelsman

2. Ph.D.-granting institution, Biology dept., Non-tenure track BE researchers only (incl. “immigrants”), no BER Ph.D. offered

U. Michigan, Ecol & Evol – Jo Kurdziel
U. Washington Seattle, Biology – Mary Pat Wenderoth, Scott Freeman, Alison Crowe
U. Washington, Bothell, Interdisciplinary Sciences- Rebecca Price
U. Wisconsin. Madison – Teri Balser ( tenure track), Sarah Miller, Chris Pfund, et al.
U. of Colorado, MCD Biology- Jenny Knight

3. Ph.D.-granting institution, Biology dept., tenure-track BE researchers (incl. “immigrants”), BER Ph.D. offered §
Arizona State U. - Anton Lawson, Julie Luft (Biology Ph.D.)
Bowling Green State U., Biology – Karen Sirum (Biology Ph.D.)
Idaho State U., Biology ?
New Mexico State U., Biology – Ralph Preszler (tenured) & Michele Shuster (tenure track)
N. Dakota State U., 2 routes: BER or BCER in biol/bioc and STEM Education (interdiscipl. science) – Montplaisir, Momsen, Offerdahl
Ohio State University, Biology-Ross Nehm & Steven Rissing, Science Education-David Haury. BER program being offered in the College of Education and Human Ecology.
Purdue U., Biology – Nancy Pelaez
S.F. State U., Biology – Kimberly Tanner
Syracuse University, Biology- Jason Wiles, students are in College of Science Teaching (College of A&S) Biology graduate students can complete theses in BER
U. Arizona, MC Biology – Deb Tomanek
U. Delaware, Biology – Deb Allen
U. New Mexico, Sch. of Med. Basic Sciences – Marcy Osgood
U. Northern Colorado- Sue Ellen DeChennne and Dr. Richard Jurin

U. Tennessee, Dept of Ecology and Evolution- Elisabeth "Beth" Schussler
U. WVA, Biology – Michelle Withers (Biology Ph.D.)
Virginia Tech, Biology – Erin Dolan (Biology Ph.D.)

4. Ph.D.-granting institution, BER (defined as above)* degree offered in an education department.
University of Missouri - Columbia
Middle Tennessee State University-PhD in Math & Science Education with a distinct concentration in 'Biology Education' contact Michael Rutldege, Professor of Biology

5. Non-Ph.D.-granting institution, Biology dept., tenure-track BE researchers (incl. immigrants)
Carleton College - Susan Singer
Davidson College - Malcolm Campbell

§ BER Ph.D. degree counts whether or not research is officially designated as BER by the department.
Immigrants refers to researchers originally trained as biologists (not educators) who are active in BER.
--- 34 programs nation wide
CER- Chemistry Education Research-